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A major contributor to iControl Consulting (Pty) Ltd’s success is the work we do to ensure that the equipment leaving a manufacturer’s premises is designed correctly and supplied in strict compliance to specification.

Our personnel have undertaken independent testing of equipment in numerous countries worldwide including Australia, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, Brazil, China, India, Malaysia, Turkey, Taiwan and South Africa. Equipment inspected includes:

  • Medium/Low voltage switchgear
  • Transformers all up to 45MVA 110kV/15kV
  • Recta-formers up to 9,2 MVA
  • MV Motors up to 5MW
  • MV Variable Speed Drives (Dual drive 2 x 6.8MW and 2 x 4.5MW)
  • MV Slip Energy Recovery Drives, resistance choppers, ELRS for motors up to 7MW